2 days left until Black Friday – are you ready?

23 Nov 2 days left until Black Friday – are you ready?

Black Friday together with Cyber Monday is more and more popular among all fans of discounts.


Those buyers who are afraid of crowds in traditional shops will certainly decide for online shopping so get ready for hot weekend in the Internet this week!


Check if you are well prepared for these days:


1. Content preparation

On shopping days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday you can cover such topics as: the most popular products in your shop, ideas for Christmas gifts or simply product reviews.

2. Landing page

Dedicated website is always a good idea. You can make good use of landing page templates that are available in the Internet. Landing page should include products that are discounted in your store on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You can also expose bestsellers and insert special clock counting down days and minutes till the big sales day.

3. Lead collection

Check whether you created a special form where you can get new potential customers. For example, you can offer discounts for subscribing to your newsletter.

4. Keywords

Your website and its content should be optimized using keywords related to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

5. Infrastructure

As on any other big sales day, you should take care of your hosting so that your website works well despite of significantly larger traffic.

6. Responsive website design

Every year there are more buyers making shopping from mobile devices. Your website should be responsive and display correctly on any screen size.

7. Product availability

Larger traffic on your website means that both your stock and employees should be ready for intensive shopping.

8. Removing barriers

Check whether you had paid enough attention to potential barriers for your customers. You wouldn’t like your customer to dump the cart just because you require additional registration before making transaction or you have decided to hide additional costs somewhere else (i.e. shipping), despite of the fact that you offer discounts.

9. Additional ads

Although not obligatory, they certainly expose your presence in the Internet. Targeted campaign will help you show your special offers for these days (i.e. free shipping).

10. Price comparison

Even though it may sound odd and risky, sometimes you can score with price comparison of certain products between you and your competition on your website. Your potential customers will compare prices before buying anyway, but the fact they will do it on your website can surprisingly make them stay in your store and actually buy products from your offer.

Black Friday name originates from the black ink that was used by merchants to note down their profits (on the contrary to the red ink dedicated for losses in the final balance). Indeed, online consumers spend large portion of their savings this day as well as on Cyber Monday.

If you have implemented most of listed rules this year, you will definetely note down increased profits after this weekend. Good luck!

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