10 tips for dealing with online shopping cart abandonment

28 Dec 10 tips for dealing with online shopping cart abandonment

The average documented online shopping abandonment reaches almost 69%. How to make sure your customer finalizes the payment process? Read our tips!

1. Keep the purchase process simple

The fewer steps a customer has to make to finalize their purchase, the better. Long checkout process is unfavourable for buyers so make sure it’s clear and simple. This rule applies both for online and mobile version of your webshop.

2. Avoid hidden costs

Remember that there’s nothing worse during shopping than finding out that the final price is higher than expected. This can happen due to hidden fees or miscalculation in our webshop so make sure to eliminate these issues. Instead, expose special offers, such as free shipping, short delivery time, tax-free return- if available on your website.

3. Create editable cart and progress bar

Make sure it’s easy to remove items, change quantity or add discount codes. Your cart should also give possibility to preview the sum of items and the total price at any time. Also, add a progress bar for the shopping process (create steps such as: items summary, payment, order confirmation).

4. Display preview cart button 

Instead of redirecting your customers to another subpage when previewing items they are interested in, create the possibility of previewing the cart whenever they want. This will make their shopping process quicker and more effective.

5. Provide payment flexibility and security

Expose security and quality badges and a satisfaction guarantee. Imagine that some buyers are able to leave website just becasue it’s not using HTTPS protocole. Also, make sure to offer multiple payment options for flexible transaction.

6. Eliminate mandatory registration

Don’t add more bottlenecks in purchase process. Your customers are not willing to give more data then it’s actually required. If you use any forms at all on your website, make sure they are kept short and simple.

7. Use retargeting and pop-ups

In case a visitor tries to leave the cart page without a purchase, you can display them pop-up window reminding about their unfinished shopping. Once they are gone, display them retargeting ads about products they are interested in to bring them back to your website. 

8. Show complementary products and wish list option

Offer complementary products at cart page for your customer. Also, for indecisive shoppers it’s a good idea to implement shop with wish list option. Your customers will be able to save their selection for later when they are not ready for immediate purchase.

9. Implement live chat and followups

It works exactly like in conventional shops. Offering customers your support through live chat can help to reduce abandoned shopping cart ratio significantly. Another way to remind them about abandoned cart is an e-mail follow-up.

10. Add social reviews and ratings

Show your customers’ reviews about products before buying. Your webshop will be more reliable.

Finally, don’t forget to track all data on your website. Perform A/B tests if you implement any modifications on your website. Use funnel and cohort method to check website visitors’ flow. The first one will tell you how many users you are losing at each step of shopping process. The cohort analysis will tell you how users behave over time, i.e. if they come back to the cart after abandoning it few days before.

It doesn’t really matter if your customer plans small or big shopping on your website. Make sure your are honest with them keeping all the rules and functionalities simple and clear and giving them comfort by flexible payment option or live chat support.


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