How customer experience affects your online sales?

23 Dec How customer experience affects your online sales?

Nowadays consumers have more places to shop than ever. The way your website looks like affects not only the customer experience but also online sales. Have a look on some tips on how to make the shopping experience pleasant and easy.

Study user experience

Web shops design should be customer-oriented. Don’t base your decisions on private preferences since there are user experience studies that show which aspects should be taken into account. User experience will be influenced by how the website looks like, how practical and useful it is and which emotions are related to this website. Why all these aspects are so important? Let’s imagine that the website is visually attractive but the content has no value at all. In such situation, the usability criteria is not met. There are also websites with interesting texts but the way they are presented is simply unfriendly. The visual attractiveness criteria is not met.

Make navigation easy

If you take care of simple and intuitive navigation, your potential customer will be more willing to stay on your website. You can use a sticky menu while scrolling your website or open mega menu with all categories of your products. It’s also important to remember about the site search engine, preferably with hints and filters.

Your biggest enemy is the back button so make sure your website loads quickly and displays properly on mobile devices.

Highlight important information

Be aware of website heat map that is based on eye movement tracking and shows which website elements are most likely to be read. They usually take the form of an “F” letter. Nothing draws as much attention as images, infographics, movies and catchy headlines. Only when they are interesting for site visitors, they continue reading instead of scanning. Make sure all categories on your website reflect what they really are. Remove elements that are unnecessary such as positions that are currently unavailable. Highlight call-to-action buttons such us “check discounts” or “buy now”.

Focus on the content

The Internet is full of competitive websites so the content is roughly read anymore, it’s being scanned. Dependent on what you sell, your products will be described in a specific way. For example, in case of electronics you’d rather focus on technical data, while in case of cosmetics –  on effects they have. Have a close look on whether your words are accurately selected (underlining benefits your products give) together with attractive images, colours and fonts. Do you sell tablet? Show that you can do with it, e.g. watch video, work, listen to the music. Is this product unavailable? Maybe it’s worthy to add the button “ask about availability”. Another good is to create an interesting content for popular 404 error site- maybe some funny picture?

Take care of security

To make user feel confident while making transactions on your website, expose opinions of other users and companies that are buying and using your products. Apart from that, add full information about the payment methods, warranty and the privacy policy. Also, include possibility of contacting you directly. Thanks to all these actions users will not only spend more time on your website but will also return and purchase again.

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