How to increase your online sales during Christmas time?

04 Nov How to increase your online sales during Christmas time?

Christmas is undoubtedly the most profitable season for online businesses.

It means a really intensive period for retailers. Not only successively increases the number of orders but also the rush starts much earlier than in the case of traditional shops. Do you know how to prepare your online store so that the customer will choose your website?

Encourage potential customers to buy

With the great choice of different shops, the battle is even stronger in the last quarter of the year that is basically packed with special holidays, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Delivery Day, Saint Nicholas’ Day and Christmas. That’s why it can generate more income than any other part of the year and November is the perfect moment to attract potential customers with something special and show them that you appreciate the choice of your website.   

It can be done by applying such a system of incentives as free delivery or gift vouchers. The buyers that are in a hurry will be pleased to see that free packing is available and those who order their products earlier, to know they will be offered special rebates. Due to holiday time, it will be a great idea to extend the return period (i.e. up to 30 days). It’s likely that after receiving such incentives, the customer will come back to your store more often and not only for Christmas shopping. Make sure to expose this information on your website (using banners or other methods) so that visitors of your website can be aware of them.

Create Christmas campaign

Apart from your standard marketing campaigns, don’t forget to prepare an additional budget to launch the Christmas one that will remind buyers about your website. There are a lot of channels to be considered: Google Shopping, native ads on social media, blog. Don’t forget about personalized emails – perhaps with such topics as some interesting ideas for presents or simply with information about your favourable return policy. Depending on your list size, it can be the best source of traffic.

It’s definitely too late to start the SEO campaign with Christmas phrases in two or three months that are followed by Christmas (it should be started in summer months), however it may be a good idea to use retargeting. It can be done by displaying visitors previously reviewed products via dedicated banners.

Prepare your website for Christmas season

To make sure incentives and marketing campaign are successful, you need a good plan long before Christmas. There’s nothing worse than missing products or delayed delivery. It’s good to remember that your team will face a really intensive period – maybe it’s time to think about some support for them? To make everything work seamlessly, be sure all softwares and devices associated with orders work without any problem.

It’s also worthy to take care of the Christmas look of your website – this will attract customer who are already in the mood of Christmas shopping. Apart from using different graphics, it’s good to optimize the offer of your shop – you will make it easy to find presents that meet your customer’s expectations. You can expose special offers, create new categories or inform about bestsellers.

If you make preparation early enough, not only you will get the customer that wants to buy presents much earlier, but you will also increase chances of your shop to get more income these days and the loyalty of your customers in the future. 


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