Competitor price monitoring

PriceLab is an e-commerce tool that tracks tens of millions of offers every day from many sources, such as online stores, auction portals or price comparison websites, to study how prices are shaped in a given market segment. The high-quality, manually verified data, aids sellers to decide on an effective pricing policy and make the right business decisions based on current data and price monitoring, not the assumptions.

Stay up to date


Price changes on the e-commerce market are extremely dynamic. The prices of some products may change even several times a day. In this case, manual price monitoring is almost impossible. PriceLab eliminates this problem by gathering information fast using Big Data technology, and then delivering it to the user.

Monitoring your competitors will allow you to get the following insights:

  • Prices set in the competitor’s stores
  • How often and to what extent do the prices of selected products change
  • What differences are there between you and your competitors' prices and product range
  • What are the shipping costs for each store
  • What is the availability of products in your competitors' stores
  • What discounts are your competitors currently making 

Act straight away

Price monitoring will provide you with information that will allow you to instantly adjust product prices to the current market situation and respond to the actions of your nearest competitors. For example, you go with discount pricing or take advantage of the weaknesses of competitors, such as low availability of goods or a much higher price of the product. That knowledge will allow you to increase profit and gain an advantage over other sellers. The analyses, tips and price automation we provide will be of great help to you here.


Price monitoring from any source 

PriceLab allows you to monitor prices on the Internet and obtain data from any source. We provide data from individual e-stores, marketplaces, auction portals and price comparison websites.

Highest quality data

We make every effort to ensure that the price analyses and other data we provide are as reliable and up-to-date as possible. For this purpose we use Smart Matching and Machine Learning algorithms.  With their help the information is collected automatically, and is of high quality. We also have a dedicated team for manual data verification that eliminates potential errors straight away.


Tell us about your needs and learn what PriceLab can offer you and find out how our price analysis can help you develop your business