Seize the opportunities to boost sales and maximize profits in your online store.

Use price monitoring to keep an eye on the market, optimize prices and earn more.


We monitor your competitors’ prices

We point out products that need price optimization

We help to increase sales and profits

See all competitors’ offers
in one place.

No more manual price checking on websites. You will receive reports with comparison of all competitive offers. PriceLab will also suggest how to seize opportunities and avoid mistakes.

Monitor any website.

We scan online stores, price comparison websites, online auctions and other sources. You can monitor any webpage in the world.

Price comparison
Price level comparison

Compare your offer with competitors in a flash.

See comparison with competitors’ offers and check the price differences. Find out where you’re in the top and which part of your offer is not attractive to customers.

Compare prices, availability and shipping costs.

Compete not only by the price. Win with lower shipping costs or take advantage of product shortage on competitors’ stock to increase the margins.


Seize the sales opportunities and avoid pricing mistakes.

Our recommendation system points out products that need price optimization. Find out where you can increase the prices and maximie margins or where small price decrease will boost your sales.

Set prices wiser.

Get suggestions how to use stock and shipping costs differences to your advantage. See what else you can do to increase sales and margins.

Auto repricing.

Prices in your shop can change automatically depending on what is happening on the market. Just set the rules for repricing and sync PriceLab with your store.

Excel report

All the data in a handy form.

Online dashboard and panel.

You can use the online app to see the data and comparisons on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Receive reports and alerts by e-mail.

You will receive daily e-mail reports with summary of the most important information.

Export the data to XLS or CSV files.

Save your key data to Excel files and analyse it the way you want.

Create custom reports.

Create your own reports with key data and receive them periodicaly by e-mail.


How it works?

PriceLab bots collect the data from millions websites and create comparisons, reports, and recommendations which are shown in the internet panel or sent by e-mail.

How do we recognise and match the products?

We use Smart Matching algorithms that are able to recognize the same products based on many parameters even if the names or codes differ. Thanks to Machine Learning mechanism our bots continuously improve their accuracy.

How often do we refresh the data?

We can update the data in any refresh rate. It could be once a week, once a day or even few times a day. We will adjust to your needs.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the amount of monitored products, the amount of monitored webpages and the refresh rate. Tell us what you need and we will prepare proposal for you.



What our clients say about us

“PriceLab is a professional and modern price policy support tool. It allows to open up to new opportunities and properly match webshop’s offer. Thanks to accurate suggestions the tool points out the right direction of our price strategy.”

Radoslaw Halicki

“I will be using PriceLab as long as I am in e-commerce business.”

Jaroslaw Ciechanski

“The tool allows us to take a look at the shop from the right perspective, keep an eye on the market, follow the trends or notice potential threats.”

Marcin Pasnicki
BR Konsorcjum

“Price reports are clear and we can instantly customize them to ours needs. Dashboard is intuitive and statistics are really helpful in setting sales strategy. PriceLab also quickly react for individual queries.”

Anna Karasek

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“Appropriate pricing policy is not only about pushing the prices down, but also taking every opportunity to increase the margins and keep the high level of sales. The solution provided by PriceLab could become the important element of building competitive strategy on e-commerce market in the next year.”
“The tool can detect pricing policy mistakes and suggest how to eliminate them. It often happens that retailers spend a lot of money on marketing for inappropriate products or compete with wrong retailers that are held in disrepute or have problems with assortment availability.”
“PriceLab compares your web store’s offer with competitors and gives actionable insights for improving sales or margins. The tool shows products for which the margin should be lowered to put up the sales and gives suggestions for which products the margins could be increased to maximise profits.”

Contact us

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About PriceLab

Price monitor PriceLab is a pricing intelligence tool that delivers up to date reports on e-commerce market. It helps brands and retailers to monitor the sales channel and set the effective pricing policy.


Mechanisms we created scan online stores, comparison shopping websites and online auctions every day to collect the information about products’ prices, availability and shipping costs. Enormous amount of data is passed to our cloud and processed by smart algorithms that match articles to client’s assortment. Based on that data PriceLab generates reports, analyses the market and gives recommendations how to  strengthen the company position on the market.

In 2015 we won international startup competition Next Step.