Price monitoring in sales network for producers and brands

PriceLab is an e-commerce tool for monitoring competitors’ prices that tracks tens of millions of offers from multiple internet sources every day to show you how prices are changing in a specific market segment. High-quality, manually verified data that we provide helps producers supervise the sales network, monitor retail prices, take care of the brand image and detect violations of the price policy by retailers.

Simple and convenient re-seller price monitoring


No more time-consuming searching for price changes with sellers and competitors. PriceLab software collects data using Big Data technology that helps you quickly gain access to the most important information, such as:


  • Product prices in your sales network and competitors’ similar products
  • How often and how much product prices change
  • Deviations from list prices
  • Pricing policy violations
  • Unauthorized sale of your products
  • Availability of products at retailers
  • Share of items in the e-shop’s product range
  • Share of competitors’ products in the seller’s product range
  • Product visibility in e-stores (search engines on online store websites, banners)

Monitor prices from any sources

We provide information from any source: from online stores, auction portals, price comparison websites, distribution systems or other places that you indicate to us.

We are able to obtain a wide range of data from the indicated sources, which will allow you to better adjust your pricing policy. Monitoring the prices of your competitors will allow you to better determine the prices of your new products. And also monitor the availability of products in the sales network.

Highest quality data


We make every effort to ensure that the data provided by us is as reliable and up-to-date as possible. For this purpose, we use Smart Matching and Machine Learning algorithms that provide the information collected automatically is of high quality. We also have a dedicated manual data verification team working to fix potential bugs.

We follow the latest trends and technologies so that our monitoring provides properly selected and analyzed information.

Tell us about your needs and learn what PriceLab can offer you and find out how our price analysis can help you develop your business