Competitor Pricing Analysis

Knowing the prices of your competitors, observing their market behavior, price trends or ongoing sales campaigns are the key data that will allow you to efficiently respond to changes. Price analysis alone can allow you to significantly increase your profits in a short time.

All data in one place

The development of an online store is impossible without a thorough e-commerce intelligence regarding the activities of competitors and price trends. PriceLab follows the prices of products from any Internet sources selected by the user, and then presents them in the form of convenient reports. This allows you to understand your market segment better and get the necessary information to make effective business decisions.

The data we will provide you with include:

  • Competitor product prices
  • How often product prices change
  • The range of price changes
  • Price and product range differences between you and the competitor
  • Item availability
  • Shipping costs
  • Position in the price ranking
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E-commerce analytics and tips for online stores

The collected information can be used for an in-depth e-commerce analysis. Charts and tables will help you to thoroughly research price trends and historical data. PriceLab also comes with an intelligent guidance system. The system will inform you about the possibility of a safe margin increase or easy promotion in the price ranking.

Manual data verification

The quality of the data provided to our clients is extremely important to us. The data automatically collected by PriceLab is verified manually to make it as reliable and error-free as possible.

If you want, you can modify the data yourself. We have added a special tool to PriceLab software that enables you to remove unwanted connections yourself and to add those that are missing.

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Online price analysis, reports and charts

PriceLab offers many detailed reports and charts, that help you compare your offer with the competitors’, as well as follow price trends and historical data. Product price analysis will help you improve your position in price rankings and attract more customers.

In addition, we regularly send e-mails summarizing the most important information and suggestions for further actions.

Price alerts

Our system detects events that may require potential intervention and informs you immediately. This way you will know straight away that the competition has made a big price cut, and that there is a significant price difference between you, or that you have dropped from the first place in the price ranking.

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Tell us about your needs and learn what PriceLab can offer you and find out how our price analysis can help you develop your business