Monitoring of distribution and market share

PriceLab allows you to effectively monitor the distribution and selling prices of your products. This will allow you to be able to better manage your sales network and make the right business decisions.

Compare prices with the competitors


Find out who your direct competitors are. Compare your prices with similar products from other manufacturers. See what price range your products are in compared to other brands.

Check your market shares and differences in product range


Price monitoring also allows you to determine the market share in relation to your rivals. PriceLab helps you see the percentage of your products in the product range of a given seller, what share of other brands on the virtual shelf is and what products are offered by other producers.

An important benefit is also monitoring the availability and product range differences in particular stores, as well as the ability to supervise the selective distribution. This feature allows you to be sure your products are available with the authorized sellers and find out which website outside the authorized network sells the products which it shouldn’t have in its offer.

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Check how your products are displayed

PriceLab offers comprehensive monitoring of product exposure.


  • Monitor the results of product searches on e-stores and marketplaces and the visibility of your products to be sure that they are properly visible to customers. Distribution monitoring allows you to track positioning within product categories.
  • Check the descriptions, photos and specifications of your items with any retailer to determine if they are correct and to have control over how your products are perceived by consumers.
  • Check what comments and ratings customers give to your products. Find out what raitings your products have and what you can do to improve them.
  • Monitor banners on websites to oversee established advertising activities.

Stay on top with alerts


PriceLab uses an intelligent notification system to inform you of the most important price events. You will immediately receive information on prices significantly different from the suggested ones or the lack of your product on the monitored websites.

Our monitoring combined with event signaling can have a significant impact on your brand. For example, the lack of a product on the sellers’ website may mean that your products have sold out or, on the contrary, that the item is not meeting expectations and has been withdrawn from sale. Alerts will let you know about it immediately, so you can step in immediately and take appropriate action.

Importantly, you can personalize alerts by choosing which messages are most important to you and your company.